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Amadeus becomes first Allied Member of World Travel Agents Associations Alliance

The World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA) today welcomed Amadeus, a leading travel technology provider, as its first Allied Member. This new membership category allows industry partners to collaborate more closely with WTAAA in advocating for the travel agency sector globally.

As an Allied Member, Amadeus will provide insights to help support WTAAA’s strategy and initiatives around areas like distribution, technology adoption and future industry trends.

“We are excited to join WTAAA as an inaugural Allied Member to lend our expertise while supporting their mission of representing travel agents worldwide,” said Juan Jesús García, Vice-President Industry and Government Affairs, EMEA at Amadeus. “As consumer booking behaviours and technology needs evolve, it’s crucial for all industry players to come together to address opportunities and challenges faced by advisors.”

The launch of Allied Membership coincides with WTAAA’s 2024 strategic push to expand collaboration beyond travel agency associations so as to incorporate additional key players in the global distribution space.

“While our core membership represents advisors, bringing allied travel players to the table is crucial to drive positive industry-wide change,” said Otto de Vries, Executive Director of WTAAA. “Their unique perspectives and areas of expertise can inform a more well-rounded approach for advocating policies that benefit the travelling consumer.”

Having organisations with the gravitas of Amadeus within the WTAAA fold give the organisation broader influence in discussions with stakeholders across the travel ecosystem. This expanded reach strengthens our ability to advocate for and champion fair treatment of travel advisors and consumers globally.

“With travel technology and distribution systems intricately impacting travel agencies, it’s vital we work hand-in-hand with partners like Amadeus to promote sustainable, agency-friendly models,” de Vries said.

As the first Allied Member, Amadeus will assist by providing input on WTAAA’s vision for resetting outdated industry programmes, achieving NDC adoption and shaping future distribution models.

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