Society of IATA Passenger Agents Limited – SIPA


SIPA was formed in 1978, to protect the specific interests of IATA appointed travel agents/travel advisors in Hong Kong.

To this end, it negotiates directly with airline principals on all IATA matters. SIPA is a founding member of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, an umbrella organisation for the local travel industry, where it can represent its members in issues that affect activities in Hong Kong. Its works with global and regional travel organisations to address issues at an international level with principals such as hotels, airlines and car rental companies.

SIPA has been instrumental in securing special discounts and commissions from tour products to enhance business opportunities and stimulate profitability for its members. It also endorses comprehensive insurance products that benefit its members and protect their clients.

SIPA keeps a close watch on technological and educational developments at all levels and assists members to meet the changing demands of the travel industry through special training courses and other activities. It also organises overseas conventions to enable its members to gain first-hand knowledge of travel products and operations that can help increases mutual business opportunities.

The Society is administered by an Executive Committee that is elected by members annually.