The Federation of ASEAN Travel Associations – FATA


The Federation of ASEAN Travel Associations (FATA) is the umbrella body for national travel associations within the
ASEAN region. The combined number of travel agents/travel advisors under FATA members exceeds 7,700 serving a population of over 622
million people in ASEAN.

FATA serves as a platform for members to discuss industry issues, address challenges and monitor trends and engage
with other organisations at a regional level to achieve the desired objectives. It provides a sense of ASEAN
Community for individual travel agents/travel advisors operating in the region.

Gathering the voices of national travel associations in ASEAN and amplifying the needs of the travel and tourism
industries in the region.

Raising Standards
Working in solidarity as a regional organisation to create greater impetus in raising industry standards and
containing emerging threats.

Affirmative Action
Developing opportunities, forging strong global partnerships and implementing strategic initiatives to grow and
develop regional tourism.


  • UNITY: Uniting Members in common purpose, working in a close bond of cooperation, fellowship and assistance
    in furthering and protecting the interests of members
  • RELATIONSHIP: Foster and maintain the best of relations among the ASEAN countries and their people and with
    other related organisations and associations 
  • HIGHEST STANDARDS: Strive towards the attainment of the highest standards of service and facilities for travellers and tourists
  • ETHICS: Uphold the dignity and the ethics of the tour and travel businesses and to strive towards
  • DEVELOPMENT: Encourage, support and contribute to develop tourism into and within the ASEAN region