The Association of South African Travel Agents – ASATA


Established in 1956, the Association of Southern African Travel Agents is a representative forum that promotes professional service in the travel industry for its members and their clients.

Representing over 90% of the travel industry in terms of market share, ASATA’s membership is voluntary and includes South African retail travel agents/travel advisors, travel management companies, wholesalers and suppliers of travel-related products and services.

The association’s focus is to ensure the sustainability and profitability of our members as well as the delivery of a professional service to the travelling consumer. This is achieved, inter-alia, through strong relationships and an open dialogue with all stakeholders.

Travellers who entrust their travel in the hands of an ASATA-accredited travel agency are assured of professional service, ethical conduct, trustworthy behaviour and that they are dealing with a market leader so they can Travel with Peace of Mind.