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The Australian Federation of Travel Agents Ltd – AFTA


The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) is the peak industry body in Australia for the travel agency community and has been in operations for over 60 years.

AFTA runs the only government recognised travel agency accreditation scheme in the country known as the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS) and this provides a self-regulated industry run scheme to identify qualified and professional travel agencies in which consumers can engage.

AFTA also runs the only scheme of its kind in the world which provides protection for travel agency owners against credit card chargebacks. In the case where  a customer processes a chargeback for a failed supplier, the travel agency is able to reclaim the funds from the AFTA scheme. This scheme is known as the AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS).

AFTA represents the interests of travel agencies both in Australia and across the globe, engages with consumers about the value of using an ATAS accredited travel agent, and negotiates on a wide range of issues with a broad stable of stakeholders. 

More information about the various schemes can be found at www.afta.com.au or www.atas.com.au or www.afta.com.au/atas/acs