The Brazilian Travel Agencies Association – ABAV


The Brazilian Travel Agencies Association – ABAV – is the entity with the biggest representation and one of the
oldest associations still active in the tourism segment. Its credibility and strength in the different segments
of the tourism industry have been established through more than 60 years of activity.

Defined by the Objectives:

  • Represent the interests of the travel agents/travel advisories;
  • Promote the class welfare and the harmonisation throughout the country;
  • Protect the legitimate interests of the tourism industry as a whole, cooperating with the public authorities
    in the study and resolution of the sector’s issues;
  • Promote national tourism development in all of its forms;
  • Promote the disclosure and publicity of matters that are of interest to the entity and that allow it to make
    all associates aware of the national tourism events;
  • Promote congresses, tourism exhibitions and lectures that stimulate the industry’s technical development;
  • Promote, through ICCABAV, human resources training and development
  •  ABAV System

ABAV represents a formidable distribution network, formed by the travel agencies spread all over the domestic

Its more than three thousand associated companies, in charge of 80% of the national market services – including air
tickets issuance, lodging bookings, land tour transportation, car rental, packages operation and sea cruising, among
others – give it a broad capillarity to offer tourism products and services in 52 economic sectors.

In the commercial aviation sector, for instance, more than 80% of the air tickets (national and international
flights) are sold by travel agencies. Most of the tour products come to the consumer through thousands of stores that service
with quality, either in person or virtually, millions of persons and companies. In Brazil, according to official
data, travel agencies are responsible for the creation of almost 35 000 direct and 100 000 indirect jobs.

Composed of a National Council, democratically elected and headquartered in São Paulo, the sector’s utmost
representing entity is present in all the Brazilian States and in the District Capital, summing up the 27 unities
that form ABAV System.