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Spanish Confederation of Travel Agents – CEAV

World Travel Agents Associations Alliance

Spanish Confederation of Travel Agents – CEAV

foto-rafael-gallego-2Mr Rafael Gallego Nadal, President.

On 20 October 2005 the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agents (CEAV) was established.

In CEAV we think communication is a strategic tool to convey our messages and achieve our goals as a confederation . On the one hand, we want to increase our visibility and presence in the media and on the other hand we want to improve the image of the travel agencies in society . We will pass on the added value provided by the agencies to travelers today; quality, safety and cost and disseminate a new concept of travel agencies among different audiences.

Our sector is a key player in the economy. The agencies bring innovation, dynamism and cohesion, interlinking businesses and creating synergies .Undoubtedly, our voice and our partners must be heard more strongly to the media and to the different bodies involved. We would also enhance the visibility of the different communities to transmit the plurality of realities that make us and facilitate the representation of the different types of agencies, large or small size and with different types of services and markets.