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The Australian Federation of Travel Agents Ltd – AFTA

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The Australian Federation of Travel Agents Ltd – AFTA

2u0a1238-3-1Mr Jayson Westbury, Chief Executive, AFTA.

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents Ltd (“AFTA”) was founded in 1957 to establish professional standards for travel agents, stimulate, encourage and promote travel; bring together those acting as intermediaries in the distribution of travel services; and, to build strong working relationships with suppliers and consumers of travel related services.

AFTA represents approximately 70% of Australia’s intermediaries that control more than 90% of the industry’s turnover. It also has a substantial base of associate members, representing non-intermediary sectors of the travel related services industry. Members are bound by AFTA’s Code of Ethics.

AFTA represents the interests of its members on many local and international bodies, and has a focus on developing the Australian tourism industry.

AFTA’s mission statement encapsulates this spirit: To be truly representative of the travel agents of Australia. To enhance the professionalism and profitability of its members through effective representation in industry and government affairs, education and training and satisfy the needs of the travelling public. To promote travel and domestic tourism.