The World Travel Agents Associations Alliance, also known as WTAAA, was incorporated in 2008 as an international non-profit trade association in Brussels, Belgium. The association maintains an Articles of Association, which is governed by Belgian law.


WTAAA’s board of directors meets twice a year to discuss issues that impact the global travel agency industry, and to share common problem-solving strategies. WTAAA’s current agenda includes discussions on the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC), Airline Debit Memos (ADM) and various other industry issues.


WTAAA is the global voice of the travel agency distribution channel and regularly engages with:

  • Media
  • EU, DOT and other regulators
  • IATA and the Airlines
  • CLIA and the Cruise Lines
  • UNWTO – UN World Tourism Organization (We liaise with the TERN group and the WG on a draft convention on the rights of the travelers and Tour Operators)
  • WHO – World health Organization (We closely monitor all travel advice concerning health and epidemic issues)
  • GDSs, Hotel Brands, and Other Travel Suppliers


Key Issues include:

  • Value of the travel agency sales channel
  • Distribution Standards
  • IATA Passenger Sales Agency Agreement
  • Cross-border selling
  • Cruise Lines
  • Taxation